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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a special programme that enables an executive or other person from upper management levels to make use of an external resource in the form of a personal coach for regular talks. The talks take place in a pleasant, free and open atmosphere, a ”breathing space” for the client, where both professional and personal matters can be brought up, and where the client is helped in the analysis of various situations in order to be able to deal with them more easily.

The purpose of the meetings is to develop leadership and self-insight, as well as to support decisions, directions and practical work. Briefly put, the coach works to help the client succeed and develop, both professionally and in other important areas.

Professionals with high performance demands on them are the persons who stand to benefit the most from Executive Coaching, primarily persons whose work puts them ”in the limelight”, i.e. they have high exposure in their organisation and they are responsible for managing others.

The coaches at Profil AB are senior consultants with more than two decades of experience in working with organisations, management and personal development. We combine therapeutic experience with what we have acquired through working with a variety of businesses, all of which share certain elements: people, leadership, vision, ideas, obstacles, results, driving forces, motivation, opportunities and work.

The Executive Coaching programme consists of regular private meetings where the consultant / coach serves as a creative resource for the client, contributing both perspective and depth. The client’s personal success, career and development are examined and he or she is helped to illuminate, define, develop and properly utilise his or her personal resources.

Executive Coaching is highly adaptable to the working situation, but the client normally books two meetings per month. Additional between-meeting contacts can be arranged.

For further information about Executive Coaching, please contact Anders Schager or Bengt Schager.

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