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If you work with personal assessments yourself, Profil offers qualified training based on a specific tool: Masterline. Masterline is used as a test in various selection contexts and in the assessment and development of individual employees. After the training, you subscribe to the method and receive your own material to be used in your organization.

Who uses Masterline?
Masterline is mainly designed for persons working professionally with personnel matters. You may work in a human resource department or as an internal consultant. You may be an advisor to others in personnel matters, but are also involved in matters covering everything from selection and recruitment of personnel to replacement and personal development of individual employees. Your choice of work indicates that you are interested in people, and in specific situations you find that you need a working method or tool that can simplify your job.

What Masterline gives you
Masterline gets to the bottom of things and provides relevant information about a person's personality. Your intuitive impression of a person may be strengthened or challenged. The training helps you see the connections and evaluate different hypotheses concerning the behavior of the interviewed person. Masterline makes it possible for you to quickly sense a person's strong and weak sides, thus leading to a deeper, more constructive conversation. The questioning technique in Masterline facilitates feedback, so Masterline can be used in selection situations as well as to increase a person's self-knowledge and thus contribute to personal development. To complement Masterline, there is a variety of support material that facilitates making a profile of requirements.

Profil as your partner
We constantly train new users of Masterline. The basic training takes four days and aims at increasing your ability to perform qualified personal assessment with the help of Masterline. All users are provided with a Windows-based program that processes the information given by Masterline. You make the analysis and interpretation yourself. The Masterline subscription also includes - free of charge - interpretation training, review and support from one of Profil's registered psychologists.

Today Masterline is available in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English and Chinese but can be converted to other languages on request. Feel free to send us your inquiry.

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