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Mentorship – Personal Coaching

The objective for a mentor or personal coach is to facilitate and contribute to another person’s personal development, whether it may be job-related or personal.

As mentors, we at Profil work with dialogue as our main tool. The mentor becomes an initiated discussion partner and coach who, from a neutral position, can contribute personal support, inspiration, assurance, depth, feedback and increased insight into oneself.

Different mentorship programs can have different goals, but all of them aim at personal and leadership development as well as to provide a neutral discussion partner.

Our working method involves regular and individual development sessions covering most aspects of life, both in and out of the professional working role. The mentorship program runs for about half a year, with scheduled meetings approximately once every three weeks.

We suggest starting the program with a Personal Assessment, in which we review and and highlight the personal starting points relevant for the goals of the overall development efforts.

Our work with personal and leadership development, as well as our therapeutic background and knowledge of professional life, give us a good platform of experience and know-how to adapt our coaching to different individual circumstances and needs.

For further information about Personal Coaching, please contact Anders Schager or Bengt Schager.

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