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Strategic Visioning

Strategic Visioning is a management development process aimed at bringing about change and creating a vision and a strategy for a unit or company.

Strategic Visioning is ideal in connection with organisational changes, revitalization, reorientation of a business, reconstructions, acquisitions, mergers, or a management ”kick-off”.

The process runs over a series of consultant-led management seminars in which the business or activity is analysed. The technique is to map out the business, identify its position, question established conceptions, challenge attitudes, identify obstacles and clarify the future direction of the business.

Strategic Visioning guides the management team into a shared, desired vision of the future besides identifying projects and activities that will direct the business in the future.

Apart from providing the management with a better ”toolbox” for their leadership, the purpose of the process is to enhance participation and improve communication, thereby releasing both energy and motivation.

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