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Services and Coaching

Personal Assessment
Individual, psychological fact-finding in connection with recruitment, individual development and career changes.

Mentorship - Personal Coaching
Helping another person to succeed. A Profil mentor program is an investment in an employee’s development as a professional, as a leader and manager, and as an individual.

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching is a special programme that enables an executive or other person from upper management to make use of an external resource in the form of a personal coach.

Profil 360° Feedback
Profil 360° Feedback makes leadership skills transparent and is used for following up and measuring individual growth.

Group Development
Facilitates cooperation, communication and consensus in a group of professionals.

Masterline is an interview and assessment method designed for use in connection with recruitment and personal development.

Strategic Visioning
Strategic Visioning is a thorough analysis of a business, aiming at providing the management team with clear guidance for a Mission and a Vision as well as a toolbox for further business development.

Recruitment Assistance
Profil AB can help any organization with the complete recruitment process, thereby reducing time and effort for the client.

In cases where psychological tests are used, both Profil Schager & Co AB and Marine Profile AB comply fully with the Guidelines on Test Use issued by the International Test Commission (ITC) as well as Swedish Government Bill SOU 2002:18

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