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Profil 360º feedback

Profil 360° feedback makes leadership measureable and identifies the development needs of individual managers.

The three main purposes of Profil 360° feedback are
• to map out and create awareness of the leadership style
• to identify development areas
• to support the development of an improved leadership style.

Profil 360° feedback is a method that collects the viewpoints on a person’s leadership style from those around him/her, processes them, presents them and then returns the results to the person in question in the form of clear, structured feedback.

The feedback is derived from special assessment forms that are handed out to selected persons close to the manager. These should be colleagues, superiors and subordinates, and they are asked to spend a few minutes to provide their views on the particular person’s leadership. The manager in question is asked to provide a similar assessment of him-/herself.

The assessment forms contain a number of questions, divided into different assessment scales, plus instructions. The scales measure traits and personal assets that are essential for clear and successful leadership.

Upon completion, each form is sent to Profil for compiling and processing. The manager in question will then meet an experienced consultant who will present the feedback and discuss the results with him/her.

The information from those close to the manager provide the basis for feedback that is intended to guide and develop that person in his/her role as a manager.

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