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Personal Assessment

Personal Assessment is used primarily for recruitment and individual development of managers, potential managers and individuals in key positions.

The person meets an experienced psychologist for one day, a day devoted to a lengthy discussion and a thorough review of the person’s individual repertoire, manner, talents and possible shortcomings. To support the dialogue, the psychologist uses information from tests as well as his training in interviewing, the giving of feedback and the leading of personal development talks.

When Personal Assessment is used for recruitment purposes, the main objective is to report back to a client company. Because here, the goal is to optimise information concerning an applicant for a certain position and thus avoid costly recruiting mistakes.

The applicant is assessed in terms of how well he or she meets specified job requirements. When assessing several applicants for the same position, the information is also used comparatively. Personal Assessment provides clear and objective information enabling the client to make a more knowledgeable decision.

When Personal Assessment aims at individual development, it is the feedback to the participating person that is most comprehensive.

In such a case, the dialogue aims at making conscious that which had been unconscious so as to increase awareness about specific aspects of the person to him-/herself. Personal Assessment thus follows the principle of all individual development; making the unknown known. By enhancing self-knowledge, Personal Assessment gives opportunities for a person to manage his/her own personal development.

Go and see our follow-up study on assessments. 99.4% correct!

Go and see our follow-up study on assessments. 99.4% correct!
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