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Recruiting Assistance

Profil AB also provides our clients with the entire searching and recruiting process – or parts of it, from analysis of job requirements and advertising to assessment of selected applicants prior to employment.

An assignment may include any or all of the following:

• Discussion and formulation of job requirements
• Proposals for and drafts of advertisements
• Publication of advertisements
• Reception of applications
• Information to and screening of applicants
• Summaries of applications and presentation of qualified applicants to you
• Discussions with you about which applicants you should meet
• Personal Assessments of selected applicants
• Professional in-depth reports on each applicant
• Maintaining contacts with applicants during the process
• Letter of information and returning of documentation to those not selected.

Profil’s assistance enables you to speed up the recruiting process, maintain objectivity and thoroughness, while boosting your knowledge about each applicant considerably.

Moreover, Profil’s assistance greatly reduces the time you would otherwise have to divert from your normal business duties.

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